Music Production


Audio Production

Frank’s interest for recording music began in his public school days when he and his father designed and installed a recording studio in the Norwell Middle School band room. He continued with his DIY studio projects senior year of high school when he built a small recording room in a practice room and recorded an album with James DiGregorio in 2012. He went on to study Audio Engineering at U Rochester where he began his freelance recording career. Frank interned at Mix one Studios in Boston, MA in the summers of 2013 & 2014. Frank has been working as a freelance engineer since 2014. He has recorded several bands from rochester and mixed, mastered, and released albums in the past few years.



Through his coursework at the University of Rochester, Frank has learned in depth about audio software, audio electornics, and signal processing. He also worked as a research assistant under David Anderson in Mark Bocko’s Electrical Engineering Laboratory studying the properties of flat panel loudspeakers. To explore projects that Frank has worked on click the button.


Recording Projects


Composition, Performance, Programming

Produce, Record, Mix, Master


Composition, Performance (Alto & Bari Sax, Upright & Electric Bass, Synthesizers)

Produce, Record, Mix, Master

Brass Monkeys – Live From The Phillipines

Record, Mix, Master

Nine piece horn band based out of the University of Rochester.


Record, Mix, Master

Solo composition, recording, and production

Genesee Live – Machine Gun English

Record, Mix, Master

Video podcast series of live performances by Rochester artists

Empire Film Music Ensemble

Record, Mix, Master

Rochester based chamber orchestra focusing on film music and multi-media performances.

Luke Norris Quartet

Record, Mix, Master

Jazz quartet from the Eastman School of Music

Park Lot Shuttle – Silver Linings EP

Produce, Record, Mix, Master

Seven piece rock band

Jay Sessions – Music That Sticks to Your Soul

Produce, Record, Mix, Master

Reggae outfit based in Rochester, NY.

Arvine Quartet

Record, Mix, Master

Free jazz quartet based in Rochester, NY.

Hynes Family Quartet

Produce, Record, Mix, Master

Acoustic Folk/Pop/Rock Trio based in the South Shore, MA

Next Steps

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