Quarantine Projects

Welcome to my log of quarantine projects! In stead of going outside to hike or ski, socializing with friends, or generally leaving my property, I’ve been working on project after project after project. Here’s what I’ve done so far!

Basement Acoustic Treatment

I’m an audio engineer by trade. All of a sudden I had to do most of my work from home in early March. Luckily I still have remote control over my lab but I would still need a reliable acoustic space to do my work. I sourced 3″ thick mineral wool insulation bats from a local supplier and some fabric to wrap the panels. I hung all of the 2′ x 4′ panels with french cleats screwed in to my walls. If I want, I can quickly change the acoustics of the room by changing the panel configuration!

Toy Chest

A couple very close friends of mine are going to have their first baby! My wife and I wanted to do something special for them so we decided to make a toychest for the kiddo. My wife had the idea to use a soft close hinge for the lid so no tiny fingers could get damaged by the piece. I had to remake the top (warping) and the bottom (measured once, cut once, doh!) so the whole thing took a little longer than expected. My wife did a wonderful job on the finishing!

Keyboard Tray

This was a quick and dirty, but VERY functional build I did from scrap wood and leftover hardware from the dresser I built a while back. The thing is glued and screwed (a lot) to the hacked Ikea L desk I have. I’ll get to building myself a nice desk one of these days.

Hammock Stand

My wife and i have spent a LOT of time out in our back yard since the beginning of Quarantine. We have been tending to the garden, grilling, and sitting around the fire pit. I made this hammock stand to increase our seating/laying options around the yard.

Bathroom Mirror

The mirror in the bathroom was too narrow for both me and my wife to use at the same time. Also it was too short for me to comb my hair. A cheap mirror from McLendons, some pine 1×4, and a little work I was easily able to solve that problem.

Patio Chairs

Another addition to the seating in the back yard. We bought cushions at Lowes that looked comfortable and I built some sturdy chairs out of dimensioned lumber to fit them. I stained the chairs to match the hammock stand I made a month earlier.

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