Synth Engine

Temperament Tool

This is a polyphonic organ synthesizer based on additive synthesis. The user is able to choose the tuning and temperament of the keyboard based on frequency conversion tables generated in Scala. Equal temperament, Pythagorean, Quarter Comma Mean Tone, and Werckmeister 3rd temperament are already built in. This was coded in Pure Data


Guitar Effects Pedal

Phase Shifter

Frank designed this distortion effect from the ground up. The clipping stage is based on a log amp distortion circuit similar to the Tube Screamer pedal. There is a branch of the circuit that slightly delays the incoming signal and blends it back to the main signal after the clipping stage.

Digital Effect

Phase Shifter Model

Frank designed this distortion effect based on the phase shifter pedal. He modeled the circuit in Matlab then coded the effect in C. After completing the code, it was compiled it on a Texas Instruments OMAP DSP board and run with real time parameter control.

Synthesizer Engine

Subharmonic Synth

This synthesizer takes the traditional approach to additive synthesis and flips it on its head. In stead of adding harmonics at integer multiples of the fundamental frequency, it adds integer quotients of the fundamental. Using sliders, the user can change the blend of the harmonics. This engine was coded in Max/MSP